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Progressive Lens

Progressive Lens

Differing from the traditional single geometric modeling, this is a digital light path tracking technology that based on a three-dimensional computer model, combining and assimilating the location parameters of lens wearing with human eye activities into the high-precision calculation. It is a revolutionary calculation that achieves personality optimizing of the progressive lens in the true sense and provide precise luminosity and a comfortable sense of wearing for every wearer.
√  Back side progressive design
√  Budget solution for general daily use
√  Easy adaption
√  Specifically designed for modern working places
√  Wide and clear distance vision
√  Compatible with sports frames
√  Designed for active wearer
√  Short corridor progressive lens engineered for extremely small frame
√  Superior balance between the reading utility of the near zone and the dynamic vision utility of the distance and intermediate zones
√  Allowing the wearer to perform different types of task with equal comfort
√  Custom-made for today‚Äôs lifestyle
√  Offer a really natural vision for all areas and a comfortable change between near and far vision
√  For all presbyopes who work more than 2-3 hours per day in front of computer
√  For people who perform visually intensive indoor activities such as reading, doing handicrafts