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Single Vision Lens

Single Vision Lens

Single vision lens from Gino Optical provide the best quality for customers to satisfy their requirement, using the premium material from high-quality suppliers all over the world. Besides, the customers have wide choices of index from 1.5 to 1.74 depending on their individual requirement. So we can guarantee you the best quality, possible visual comfort and clarity.
  Made individually to every single vision lens wear.
Thanks to free form surfacing technology, the aberrations and distortion are reduced to a greater degree on My SV lens. It offers wider, clearer fields of vision in comparison with conventional single vision lens.
Maximum optical quality for any prescription
Thinner and lighter lenses
High precision and high personalization
Clear vision in every gaze direction
Oblique astigmatism reduced
Anti-Fatigue SV
  Reduce visual fatigue for single vision lens wearer.
Anti-fatigue SV is designed primarily for 18-45 years old myopes experiencing symptoms of tired eyes because of their jobs or hobbies, spend much time using near vision. Anti-fatigue SV lenses request less visual accommodation at close range.
A slight addition power in the lower portion othe lens to reduce eyestrain during close up factivities.
Greater comfort than standard vision correction lenses because the wearers' natural accommodation pattern is retained.