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The coating of lens

The coating of lens

Thanks to innovative high-tech coatings, the visual comfort and eye protection is constantly improved. In the meanwhile, the durability of lens is optimally increased by applying anti-scratch lacquer and super-hydrophobic top coating.
Hard coat provides resistance to scratching during normal use and handling by the patient.
Anti-reflection layers provide optimal and durable transparency to an ophthalmic lens.
Hydrophobic topcoat give lenses water and oil repellent properties.
Antistatic layer makes the lens free of dust.
Free your eyes in digital world
As the widespread use of smart phones & tablets increases, people are exposed to more blue light today than ever before. Our digital devices emit strong blue light which scatters easily, reducing contrast and adding to eye fatigue
A graph showing the spectral output of a white LED within the visible spectrum. The LED emits light at different wavelengths including a sharp blue spike at 460 nanometers.
Blue Free is designed to block harmful blue-violet light whose wavelength ranges between 380 to 455 nm, keeping the eyes in better condition.